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Examples of Managed IT Services

As technologies get more advanced, a lot of companies find difficulties in training every employee based on the advancements. Meanwhile,…

Future of IT Outsourcing

Latest IT Outsourcing TrendsOutsourcing is the organizational practice of hiring a party outside the company to provide services and manufacture…


What is DevOps? Scale, Operate and Manage your infrastructure and development processes at scale with ease. DevOps is an IT…
What is a Data Center

What is a Data Center ?

What is a Data Center ? We ask what is a data center? Is a large group of networked computers namely…
managed security services

What are Managed Security Services

What are Managed Security Services (MSS)? Managed security services are chiefly network security services outsourced to a service provider. The service…

Metamako partners with PRO IT

13 July 2016, Sydney, New York & London: Metamako, the leading specialist in deterministic network devices for the world’s financial institutions,…

Big Data

What is Big Data. The term Big Data is being increasingly used almost everywhere both online and offline. Big Data…