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A hosted IP PBX, is a business grade phone service provided over the internet. Hosted IP PBX has the ability for businesses to make and receive phone calls over the internet. It also sends all incoming calls to the right individuals and has other features such as auto-attendant or virtual receptionist, business voicemail, call transfers between employees, and more.

Hosted IP PBX is managed and operated completely online you can access your PBX network from anywhere with internet access. If disaster strikes, you can reroute your calls to a safe destination or mobile. Virtual PBX is a fluid technology that will adapt to the requirements of your business. Finally, you can transition to Virtual PBX smoothly by keeping your current phone number so you don’t lose any ongoing business. Your business might only be starting up, but Virtual PBX phone systems gives you the capability to present professionally.

PRO IT’s hosted IP PBX is a high availability web solution offered to business customers throughout Australia. PRO IT’s VoIP calling service is delivered under a usage-based pricing model with all customers receiving access to the features of the Cloud Hosted IP PBX. There’s never been a better time to switch to business VoIP.

Most of all PRO IT’s Hosted PBX has the implicit scalability of a high volume of features that would be costly with an in-house PBX, helping to dramatically reduce total cost of ownership. Additionally, the implementation time is significantly reduced with subscribers able to add new VoIP lines and services within minutes.

In order to provide outstanding business solutions and advice to our clients, we are constantly researching and testing the latest communications products and technologies. We are committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations in the delivery of voice, data and integrated communications solutions.

Hosted IP PBX, Hosted IP PBX

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Hosted IP PBX, Hosted IP PBX

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Hosted IP PBX, Hosted IP PBX

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Hosted IP PBX, Hosted IP PBX

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Hosted IP PBX, Hosted IP PBX

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