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VoIP Phone Systems (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a combination of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet making and receiving phone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP, rather than by traditional transmissions.

PRO IT have also formed a partnership with VoIPTools, a leading developer of 3CX plugins and add-ons that enhance and extend the capabilities of 3CX. This allows integration of 3CX with your website, CRM or line of business applications. VoIPTools are also capable of developing custom solutions through the full-featured 3CX API.

PRO IT’s VoIP is easy to set up using your existing phone handset and comes with your own unique phone number you can call from any phone. VoIP calls are essentially a stream of data and can therefore be processed and stored in a range of interesting ways. For example, many VoIP providers offer a free voice mail box that can send you an email alert each time a message is left.

VoIP works in a relatively simple way. Each time you make a phone call your voice is converted into a stream of data. Then, rather than being sent over the phone network, this data stream travels over your broadband internet connection. Each data packet is labelled with its destination address (the person you’re calling) and moves through the internet in the same way as web pages and file downloads. When they get to their destination, the packets are reassembled and converted back into sound waves. When you have this process happening simultaneously in two directions, you’ve got a phone call.

In order to provide outstanding business solutions and advice to our clients, we are constantly researching and testing the latest communications products and technologies. We are committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations in the delivery of voice, data and integrated communications solutions.

VoIP Phone Systems & Internet, VoIP Phone Systems & Internet

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VoIP Phone Systems & Internet, VoIP Phone Systems & Internet

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VoIP Phone Systems & Internet, VoIP Phone Systems & Internet

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VoIP Phone Systems & Internet, VoIP Phone Systems & Internet

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VoIP Phone Systems & Internet, VoIP Phone Systems & Internet

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VoIP Phone Systems & Internet, VoIP Phone Systems & Internet

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