Top 5 Possible Causes of Computer Virus

Top 5 Possible Causes of Computer Virus

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Australian Businesses are prone to many kinds of computer viruses. Mostly, the business which involves doing a lot of communication online or conducting business activities online is prone to viruses.

It seems like a day can’t pass without hearing about someone losing a fortune because of computer viruses. Virus attacks occur more frequently across the globe and there is no doubt that they present a prominent challenge.

At today’s age where more than 50% of the transactions worldwide are conducted online, online security of one should never be comprised. Also, the introduction of cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way we transfer money.

Take a look at some of the main sources of attacking viruses. These sources will help you to be aware of places where you could possibly receive a virus infection.

Top 5 Causes of Computer Virus

Inserting unknown USB and other devices

Inserting unknown devices and other devices is not advised if you are willing to protect yourselves from any kind of virus attack. Various kinds of viruses including malware and trojan horse can be added to your computer having origin to those devices.

Installing applications from non-trusted sources

The most popular source of malware such as freeware, worms, and other executable files is programs that contain the downloaded files. If you are downloading an image editing app, a music file, or an e-book, it’s crucial to ensure media source reliability. One should avoid unknown, new or less common outlets.

Visiting Malicious websites

One of the best ways of having a virus on your computer is through the Internet. Be sure to search URL before you enter any website. Often search for ‘https’ in it to get a safe URL.

For example, when you click on videos that are published on social media websites, you can need to install a specific type of plug-in to view the video. In reality, however, these plug-ins may be malicious software that could steal your sensitive information.

Not updating software and antiviruses

Unpatched software is frequently ignored and is often a leading cause of virus infection. Security holes in a program are exploited by attackers before the attackers announce them in the form of zero-day attacks and are unknown to software makers.

So downloading software updates is also recommended as soon as they are available on your computer.

Booting data from unknown CD’s

Through an unknown CD, a malicious program may get into your computer. A good practice for being protected from malicious contamination is to uninstall CDs when your computer doesn’t function. If it isn’t removed before the device is turned off, your machine will reset the CD.

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