Remote Hands

24x7 365 Days

Our Remote Hands service offers you 24×7 support to help keep your network infrastructure up and running. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) – open 24 hours, 365 days a year, will send technician(s) per your SLA requirements.

To carry out troubleshooting and maintenance work on your behalf. This means you’ll never need to send your technical personnel out, especially if it’s a simple task. Our highly trained technicians have the tools and test equipment necessary to troubleshoot your network infrastructure. By acting as a field based extension of your organisation.

Remote hands services are within the data center where a technical team oversees the overall working conditions of your colocation facility. PRO IT offers both remote and smart hand services are the best. You can get assistance from their experts without having to seek for extra services elsewhere. Receive smart hands services plans, discounts and billing cost about the services that are available. Issues that may arise with your colocation equipment may be complex or simple.

Also, remote hand don’t require on-site technicians to be present. The technical support team handles any issues from the data center. They handle simple tasks such as reporting indicators in the system, monitoring and checking port numbers. In addition, rebooting of servers among others that can be handled from the data center without having to go on-site

Lastly, we offer remote hands services to our customers in order to resolve a multitude of emergency and routine technical tasks. By partially outsourcing the installation, operation and management of a deployment to the expert technicians within our facility. Customers can focus on other important aspects of their business.

Remote Hands, Remote Hands

24×7 Australian Support

Our Engineers are all trained & certified (Australia)

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Australian Phone Support

Our support team understands your requirements. Therefore, communication is the key.

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Ticketing System Support

Our ticketing system is advanced to ensure all your enquiries have been captured, delegated and actioned.

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Managed Email Security

Managing your email for spam and added security

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IT Consulting Services

We ensure you have the best solution tailored to your needs.

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Access to Knowledgeable PRO IT Engineers

Our skilled team are ready and able to provide the know-how backed by innovation and customer service.

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