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Electrical Services at PRO IT is designed to provide a specialised DC (Direct Current) and or AC (Alternating Current) cabling installation for Data and Telecoms devices which is mainly located in Datacentres for Telecommunication and Internet carriers.

We have successfully commissioned DC power for core communication devices for Telstra, CenturyLink, PCCW and others.

In addition to the above we offer office electrical installation and maintenance for commercial offices as required. Customers engage PRO IT when a need arises for electrical works for office expansion, additional power outlets or lighting wiring installations.

Having dedicated licenced electricians on staff at PRO IT makes the deployment of Electrical Projects much smoother in conjunction with other IT related works which is offered by PRO IT.

Electrical Services, Electrical Cabling

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Electrical Services, Electrical Cabling

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Electrical Services, Electrical Cabling

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Electrical Services, Electrical Cabling

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Electrical Services, Electrical Cabling

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Electrical Services, Electrical Cabling

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