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Cloud Security Jammu 

PRO IT Jammu provides a wide range of solutions to protect your business against internet security breaches. Organisations with data and applications in the cloud must be satisfied with the security of these networks. Our cloud security specialists help you reduce your risk against internet security breaches. In addition, we have all the needed security services to help defend your data and applications. Furthermore, PRO IT Jammu guarantees your Intellectual Property and core business function remain untouched.

Desktop Security Jammu 

PRO IT Jammu provides a one stop service for your network and individual desktop PC maintenance prerequisite. We provide your Jammu business with remote and/or onsite support assuring constant protection. This fusing award winning anti-virus software keeping your staff and network resource safe while online. Furthermore, with our anti-virus software, we shield all your resources from internal and external risks and threats. All firewall, email and web security is maintained on your behalf, delivering full network defence. In addition, we provide active monitoring of PC and user activity to lessen risks to your business by unauthorised sources.

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IT Security Solutions Jammu 

With the continuous state of change in the global threat landscape, organisations face cyber attacks and security breaches that are growing in frequency and sophistication every day. Our IT Security Team offers solutions to counteract increased risk proliferation. Based on your organization’s needs, environment, business processes, and security goals, our experts will provide insights to help you implement the right solutions to address your critical risks and protect your operations.

At PRO IT, we draw on our deep expertise of a large pool of experienced security professionals to offer IT security solutions that address the key challenges faced by enterprises today. Our IT security services aim to improve the agility, flexibility and cost effectiveness of the next generation needs of information security and compliance programs. We ensure a holistic risk driven approach for organisations with our solutions in the areas of identity and access governance, data protection, risk & compliance, threat management and mitigation and cyber security monitoring & management.

Data Security Jammu 

Regardless of your organisation size or industry, protection of your company’s sensitive data and confidential customer information is extremely important, typically because of the increasing number of data breach cases over the years. Data breach poses serious security threats to your business and customers. Access to your confidential and sensitive data to unauthorised users can be detrimental.

The monitoring software doesn’t appear in the registry, process list, system tray, task manager, desktop, or in add/remove programs. There aren’t any visible program files that can be seen, making it 100% invisible. Block access to inappropriate websites with just a few clicks. You can define a custom list or use our comprehensive pre-defined block list. Block by website category or only allow access to the specific websites, we offer the flexibility to block what you need without being too restrictive.

Internet & Content Jammu 

PRO IT Jammu’s internet security gives you the best protection against Internet threats on Windows. We offer a range of solutions designed to monitor internal and external online activity backed by reporting. In addition, we use a technique called ‘behavioural detection’ to closely monitor active applications. The moment it detects anything suspicious, it takes fast action to prevent infections. This innovative technology helps adapt to the hardware/software configuration of your system to save resources and improve performance.

PRO IT Jammu are definitely able to deliver diverse levels of monitoring and protection for websites and applications to assures network security. Not to mention, Internal user’s web browsing can be monitored, confined, withdrawn and reported on easily. Some examples of internal restrictions are to restrict Social Media browsing to outside business hours and to block and/or confine certain sites.

Server & Infrastructure Jammu 

PRO IT Jammu manages Server and Infrastructure Security such as Antivirus, Firewall, Alerts and Forecasting.

PRO IT gives a business only solution, discovering new threats, risks and possible assaults on your IT systems in Jammu. In addition, we protect your businesses Intellectual Property by keeping file servers safe and secure. PRO IT Jammu provides a vast range of Anti-Virus protections for your server infrastructure. Furthermore, we monitor patches and other security issues with no drain on your internal resources. PRO IT’s range of award winning anti-virus solutions prevent the spread of viruses, worms and Trojans in your business network.


With our productive and powerful award winning Firewall solution for your organisation, we ensure the security of your Jammu business. The PRO IT Firewall solution gives smart protection against threats such as spyware, malware, and virus protection.


We give solutions to remotely monitor your network to protect against Network Breach, Break In and intrusion attempts. We can also offer automated alerts to prevent intrusion, isolate threats such as viruses etc 24×7. Our Jammu team will monitor your Network and provide alerts if an unauthorised intrusion attempt is detected. The threat is either automatically blocked or remote intervention is undertaken by a PRO IT technician.


PRO IT assesses your network, systems and strategies, searching the areas that may require expansion, new hardware/software or storage capacity. This includes assessment of current and future Bandwidth requirements inclusive of your business site and any Data centres used. Therefore more effectively delivering your business applications to customers into the future. Visit our official Facebook page for any updates.

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