Fixed Cost IT Support

Budget Control

A PRO IT Fixed Cost IT Support plans represents a commitment to building a longer term, more strategic business relationship with PRO IT. This allows PRO IT to take more responsibility for a client’s current IT stability and reliability; and for ensuring a client is aware of suitable technology trends and advancements that may be of advantage.

Under a PRO IT fixed cost support plan, a monthly fee is charge for a schedule of included services required to support your IT network. These included services are flexible but usually include such services as unlimited helpdesk, unlimited remote support services, remote monitoring, and a schedule of on-site visits, as required, and preventative maintenance of the network.

Additional managed services, such as occasional project work is also facilitated by the agreement but are not usually included in the monthly fee.

Our fixed Cost IT Solutions will use the latest tools to monitor your system from the smallest thing to the major functions. Our monitoring tools will keep an eye of your system 24×7; this will enable us to see potential issues even before they happen and take action, so it won’t have any negative effect on your business.

It’s an all win situation for you with our fixed Cost IT Solutions you get to have a fixed cost for your IT budget with a great peace of mind. Unlike in typical circumstances that you are used to you pay us as an investment for network up-time instead of paying for network-down time previously.

This investment will let you have your business operations running smoothly which is what you are supposed to do compared to worrying about issues that might come up in your system.

The key services delivered via a PRO IT Fixed Cost Support Agreement include:
  • Helpdesk support via the PRO IT Customer Service Centre
  • Prioritised Support with Service Level Agreements, SLAs
  • Remote monitoring and support of key IT infrastructure
  • Responsive support escalation via the Customer Service Manager and/or Account Manager
  • Onsite support on a scheduled basis to perform preventative maintenance and resolve any system faults and non-urgent requests
  • Multiple allocated support engineers to ensure continuity of service and knowledge of the site through times of annual leave and sick leave.
  • Monthly statement of activity
  • Regular IT assessments of the networks performance and ongoing suitability to support the business
Pro-Active Maintenance

An IT Maintenance Checklist defined in collaboration with the client identifies the regular activities required to maintain the network, including step-by-step instructions for those activities the client wishes to undertake themselves.

Reporting and Online Portals

An online portal is available allowing clients to login and see a summary of support activity complete, in progress or yet to be actioned.

Monthly support statements are sent to all Support Plan clients detailing each site visit or support action taken including a record of each individual issue and resolution.


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Ticketing System Support

Our ticketing system is advanced to ensure all your enquiries have been captured, delegated and actioned.

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Managing your email for spam and added security

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We ensure you have the best solution tailored to your needs.

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Our skilled team are ready and able to provide the know-how backed by innovation and customer service.

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