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Managed Server Penrith 

The term ‘managed server’ means the ongoing management of a dedicated server. We at PRO IT Penrith provide server management by installing your server in one of our advanced data centres. A managed server supplies you with real resources that are hosting entirely to you. Not to mention, your data is secure and 100% under your control.

Your data resides on a server and operating system that only you control. Therefore the resources are not shared with anyone else. The advantages of a managed server from PRO IT Penrith are surely many. Because not only do you get 100% control of your server, you get access to all the hardware resources.

Furthermore, our servers provide powerful, stable and reliable operating for your Penrith business. This is because you’re not sharing your server resources with any other users. We are a highly recommended ‘managed servers’ provider in Penrith.

We provide specialist broadband, hosting and website solutions across Australia and beyond. Rest assured that our specialist crew is hard at work around the clock. Therefore taking care of your hardware, network and server solutions.

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Managed IT Security Penrith 

PRO IT Penrith’s managed security service provides management of security devices and systems. Our business can assist yours with integrated technologies and unparalleled threat intelligence. We offer highly flexible Managed IT Services Penrith designed to meet the different demands of your Penrith business. At PRO IT Penrith we offer a comprehensive vision combined with dedicated and experienced resources. Thus helping you manage complex security solutions. We offer tactical support that allows you to outsource certain areas of your security operations centres.

PRO IT Penrith brings to the table years of experience across high profile accounts. Also, the ways to incorporate these capabilities into different environments. We ensure that business is always up-to-date with the status of security issues, audits, and maintenance. PRO IT Penrith recognizes the threats and risk to your infrastructure. To address these threats we have a wide and cohesive range of network security products. Threats and risk management is a key factor in network protection. At PRO IT Penrith we can identify elusive threats or risk via a Vulnerability assessment.

IT Managed Service Penrith 

Our team possesses the most advanced and relevant tools that could meet technology’s latest upgrades. We have been servicing clients left and right for years – this builds up our experience portfolio. Of course, our IT specialists come from a fusion of IT and management backgrounds, so you truly get the best of both worlds. They are very dedicated to both fields; all of them are naturally tech-savvy, but they never stop learning new concepts. Complacency is just not part of their jargon.

At PRO IT, we provide companies’ IT division with the best treatment possible. We are proud to say that our Managed IT services are the best in Penrith. Moreover, our services are very affordable when compared to the quality and the technology. We have been praised for our customer support; we are available for our clients 24/7 and ready to pick up a calls whenever a problem arises.

Managed Network Penrith 

PRO IT’s managed network services can source the infrastructure, software and technical support your business wants. In addition, we can supply hardware infrastructure resources such as servers, routers and switches. Furthermore we can also deliver operating systems and firewall software. The entire system is maintained by our 24×7 Global Network Operation Team based in Australia. We supply 24×7 support to your Penrith business for all server and desktop management requirements.

In addition, live monitoring by PRO IT service platforms allows supervision of server and desktop infrastructure at all times. This includes all security and application, patching of servers and other related infrastructure with reporting. Types of Managed IT Services Penrith networks include managed LAN/WAN, a managed gateway and managed wireless networks. PRO IT offers a completely scalable solution in terms of equipment, support and monitoring. PRO IT Penrith use the latest Managed IT Services Penrith Platforms to manage your network 24×7. Our qualified Penrith Engineers respond to any issues in a seamless manner.

Managed Colocation Penrith 

This service complements a data centre’s basic colocation package by delivering on-site technical support. Therefore, ensuring colocated IT and telecommunications infrastructure runs smoothly. Managed Colocation surely offers the benefits of a traditional colocation model including cost savings, security and availability. Whilst allowing you to retain ownership and control of your IT and telecoms infrastructure. Not to mention, we can certainly create bespoke solutions for your Penrith businesses individual and specific needs.

Furthermore, our highly skilled technicians are available 24×7, 365 days a year. Therefore we can keep monitoring and fixing your network, server and storage system infrastructure. We combine practical experience in data centre infrastructure management with our Managed IT Services Penrith and telecoms certifications. Delivering quality services for our Penrith clients that don’t enjoy the hassle of managing their own server. We have a dedicated team of experienced IT engineers in Penrith managing your servers.

Thus assuring they are up to date and running efficiently. We can also load up your dedicated server with all the necessary software, tools, applications, and security updates. Ensuring that your server can handle your business needs and perform to your standards at an affordable price. Visit our official Facebook page for any updates.

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