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PRO IT’s managed colocation offers your the world class level of control with the wide range benefit of a support team to proactively manage your configuration. PRO IT’s Managed Colocation service complements and adds value to a data center’s basic colocation package by providing on-site technical support. Ensuring that your collocated IT and telecommunications infrastructure runs smoothly.

Our Managed Colocation service offers the benefits of a traditional colocation model including cost savings, security and availability. Whilst allowing you to retain ownership and control of your IT and telecoms infrastructure. We can create bespoke solutions for your individual and specific needs.

Our highly skilled technicians are available 24×7, 365 days a year. In order to monitor, troubleshoot and repair your network, server and storage system infrastructure, leaving you to run your business. We also supervise and escort all your visitors to your colocation space. We combine practical experience in data centre infrastructure management with IT and telecoms certifications

We provide quality managed colocation services for clients that do not want to deal with the hassle of managing their own server management. Having a managed colocation plan will allow our clients to rest easy knowing that a team of experienced IT engineers are handling their servers to make sure that it is up to date and running efficiently. You can have a peace of mind with our fully customize your servers by letting us know what your business plans. We can also load up your dedicated server with all the necessary software, tools, applications, and security updates. That tailors to your specific needs. Ensuring that your server can perfectly handle your business needs and perform to your standards at an affordable price.

The Managed Colocation solution is supported by a large team of experts. Training and qualification are part of our routine. Also, 85% of our technical staff is certified in the main technologies in the market. Your enterprise will be served by an expert in the technology of your requirement.

Our Managed Colocation service is currently available at major data centres in Asia Pacific, including:

Managed Colocation, Managed Colocation


Managed Colocation, Managed Colocation

New Zealand

Managed Colocation, Managed Colocation


Managed Colocation, Managed Colocation


Managed Colocation, Managed Colocation

Hong Kong

Managed Colocation, Managed Colocation


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