PRO IT offers global sustainable tech solutions for everyone

PRO IT offers global sustainable tech solutions for everyone

Bekir Kilic, PRO IT

PRO IT is on a mission to reshape the industry – with planet-conscious and personal approaches front of mind.


A world without the internet is unimaginable for its 4.66 billion global users. But with the ever-growing demands for tech comes a damning effect on climate change, and it’s one PRO IT is hoping to change.

Offering 24/7 IT support through its agile global network operation centre (NOC)data centre support, cyber security, cloud solutions and infrastructure services, PRO IT Founder and CEO Bekir Kilic is working to create a more sustainable future for tech.

“The world is changing at a pace that humankind could not have imagined,” Kilic tells The CEO Magazine . “Sustainability in its broad form touches many concepts of business, from service deliverables to environmental impacts.

“Sustainability is needed for present day measures that also carry over and don’t limit future achievements.”

Driven by the pandemic, there has been a greater push for IT to evolve faster and with more adaptive solutions. Working alongside his wife and PRO IT’s CFO, Ireena, Kilic strives to create better solutions on a human level to make the industry more personal as well as sustainable.

“One hard lesson in the IT sector is that there is someone out there who may come up with a better, faster, cheaper solution – so stay awake,” he says.

And that’s exactly how Kilic disrupted the market when he established the business in 1999, just two years after his first venture selling computers with a business partner ended – prompting him to step out on his own.