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Managed IT Services Palmerston North

PRO IT Managed IT Services arrangement provides cost-saving IT resources where the customers manages day-to-day work activity and PRO IT looks after your IT recources, technical training, boost internal capability, professional development and overall IT management side of the business.

PRO IT believes in a high level of transparency and accountability for our valued services. We ensure to provide monthly meeting minutes, performance reports, improvement reports all accessible through an online client portal, specifically designed the client.

Whether you need to outsource your entire IT management or obtain support and advice at different times throughout the year. We can keep your IT infrastructure in tip-top shape and jump on any problems before they have an impact on your business operations. Our experienced technicians provide expert Sydney IT support services at a time and place that suits you.

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Managed Server Palmerston North 

The term ‘managed server’ means the ongoing management of a dedicated server. We at PRO IT Palmerston North provide server monitoring by installing your server in one of our advanced data centres. A managed server supplies you with real resources that are hosting entirely to you. Not to mention, your data is guarded and 100% under your control.

Your data resides on a server and operating system that only you control. Therefore the resources are not shared with anyone else. The advantages of a managed server from PRO IT Palmerston North are surely many. Because not only do you get 100% control of your server, you have access to all the hardware resources.

Managed IT Security Palmerston North 

PRO IT Palmerston North’s managed security service provides management of security devices and systems. Our business can assist yours with integrated technologies and unparalleled threat intelligence. We offer highly flexible Managed IT Services Palmerston North designed to meet the special demands of your Palmerston North business. At PRO IT Palmerston North we offer a comprehensive vision combined with dedicated and experienced resources.

Thus helping you fix complex security solutions. We offer tactical support that allows you to outsource certain areas of your security operations centres. Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel for more information the services we provide.

24×7 Australian Support

Our Engineers are all trained & certified (Australia)

Phone Support

Our support team understands your requirements. Therefore, communication is the key.

Ticketing System Support

Our ticketing system is advanced to ensure all your enquiries have been captured, delegated and actioned.

Managed Email Security

Managing your email for spam and added security

IT Consulting Services

We ensure you have the best solution tailored to your needs.

Access to Knowledgeable PRO IT Engineers

Our skilled team are ready and able to provide the know-how backed by innovation and customer service.

Managed Network Palmerston North 

PRO IT’s managed network services can source the infrastructure, software and technical support your business wants. In addition, we can supply hardware infrastructure resources such as servers, routers and switches.

In addition, live monitoring by PRO IT service platforms allows supervision of server and desktop infrastructure at all times. This consists of all security and application, patching of servers and other related infrastructure with reporting. PRO IT offers a completely flexible solution in terms of equipment, support and monitoring. PRO IT Palmerston North use the latest Managed IT Services Palmerston North Platforms to monitor your network 24×7. Our qualified Palmerston North Engineers respond to any issues in a seamless manner.

Managed Colocation Palmerston North 

This service complements a data centre’s basic colocation package by delivering on-site technical support. Therefore, making sure colocated IT and telecommunications infrastructure runs smoothly. Managed Colocation surely offers the advantages of a traditional colocation model including cost savings, security and availability.

Thus assuring they are up to date and running efficiently. We can also load up your dedicated server with all the needed software, tools, applications, and security updates. Ensuring that your server can handle your business needs and perform to your standards at an affordable price. Visit our official Facebook page for any updates.

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Prepaid IT Support

PRO IT Prepaid Support giving you the flexibility to have ad hoc IT Call out services.

Casual IT Support

PRO IT Casual Support arrangements allow a client who requires infrequent access to IT support to schedule and pay for support as-they-go.

Fixed Cost IT Support

A PRO IT Support Agreement represents a commitment to building a longer term, more strategic business relationship with PRO IT.

IT Outsourcing

PRO IT has been providing outsourcing solutions to small and medium business since 1999.

IT Support Palmerston North

Looking for IT Support services? Our expert Palmerston North technicians provide IT support services at an appropriate time and place. PRO IT provides customised IT support services for small to medium-sized businesses throughout the country. From server and desktop support to system upgrades and 24×7 monitoring, our professional on-site IT support services can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. We are expert in;

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